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The Registration For the third Guzo Adwa will be open starting from November 30 2015

Adwa is a place in the mountains of Northern Ethiopia. It harbors a history 120 years old that belongs to Ethiopians in all corners of the country. It is a place where Ethiopian troops of 200,000 citizens fought for independence from Italian colonization. King Menelik II and his Queen Taytu Bitul led the war by travelling a total of 1010 Kms across the country from the capital Addis Ababa to Adwa. The journey’s start date 120 years ago would be on October 13th this year (2015), which is also the launching date of this website. The war ended victoriously for Ethiopians on March 1, 1896 after five months of walk to Adwa with an Ethiopian army built out of people with different languages, cultures and beliefs but with one strong bond, being Ethiopian. This is a bright history of courage, strong leadership, unity and discipline that paid off in a thirst quenching victory.

Guzo Adwa is a walk to Adwa from the capital Addis Ababa covering 1010 kms in commemoration of the fight in our fore fathers to protect their land. This walk has been done for the last consecutive two years to start a trend of celebrating the Victory of Adwa from the beginning of the journey to battle through the series of wars that led to the final victory at Adwa.

This year the Guzo Adwa will take place for third time. It is planned to travel with 120 People for the 120th celebration of Adwa. The registration of the third Walk to Adwa form Addis Ababa will be open starting from Monday November 30 2015. Anyone who is interested to the walk can register at Balageru travel office which is found in Taitu hotel piazza.

fig 1 Taitu hotel

It is a good news that Ethio­telecom announcing 4G implementation in Addis Ababa. The new network is reported to be capable of providing service for up to 400,000 Addis Ababa customers. Now the next big challenge is who can tap into this latest 4th generation 4G network as it has device limitation of which smartphones are compatible with the new network.


The agency might be able to provide a 4G compatible device. However, many users already have a preferred and high brand smartphones, which most of them might not be able to support the new 4G network.

Which BIG Brand Smartphones support 4G?

Some of the big brands supporting 4G network are: Samsung Galaxy (S4, S5), Samsung Galaxy (Note 2, Note 3), iPhone (5, 5S), HTC One (M7, M8), LG (G2, G3), Sony Xperia (Z, Z2), Nokia Lumia (920, 925, 928, 1020, 1520). For a complete list of internationally (not necessarily Ethiopia specific) 4G enabled devices

What is the difference between 3G and 4G Networks?

Undoubtedly, 4G is ten times more faster than 3G mobile broadband. Let’s see what the actual difference between 3G and 4G networks is.

Difference in 3G and 4G Speeds?

So, what   is the actual difference in speeds f or 3G and 4G networks? The most   import ant   thing to know is that   there is a difference between “technical” speeds and the actual “offered” speeds. Technically,   4G networks must   be able to deliver speeds up to 1GB per second. However it  hasn' t   been achieved yet­ even in any existing   4G LTE mobile networks here in the USA.   I   have a 4G LTE service,   and the most   I   am getting on average is between 12­20Mbps download and 4­8Mbps upload depending on my location;   that   is only about   2% of the technically specified capability.

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